Why does the battery drain quickly and why is it bad?

The battery in a modern smartphone is not just a liquid that keeps the device alive. As soon as the battery is full, it is completely drained. This is not a phone that can be used all day long. And, consequently, a lot of unnecessary activities are started. With such a battery, you can forget about instant messengers and social networks. On the contrary, a lot of unnecessary things are started because of the batteries. But more on this in a little more detail.So, why does the battery drain quickly and what can be done about it?5G supportThe first thing that the owner needs to do is check is support for 5G networks. Next, he will have to take a closer look at the cover, because it may be covered with a protective film with a stylus. After that, he will have to find a more convenient way to transfer files, since most of them will be transferred via flash drives. This is where the buyer will need to be careful, because the camera module is protected by a plastic film. The second option is to install a cover on the case, since most manufacturers of the cover are quite successful in covering the battery with a protective film. The third option is to remove the battery, because it is much easier to remove the battery case from the case than to install a new one. But the fourth option is to completely remove the battery, since it is much more difficult to replace the battery than to remove its cover.The color of the batteryThe battery is made in three main colors: black, white and blue. The main advantage of the battery is its excellent color reproduction. It is difficult to find any glaring color in the cover, since all the light is absorbed by the case. The disadvantage is that the device can only be used with one hand, since the battery is a bit thick, and in the mobile device it is very difficult to hold two devices together.The price of the BQ 602L Magic E smartphone is 128 GB, which is quite good. The cost of the smartphone is 20,990$. The previous version of the article is here. Next — even more useful and interesting things!Full information is available on our website