Who can use the iPhone XS without a subsidy? / Who can take the new iPhone 8 Plus with a discount

The new iPhone XS is a more advanced version of the iPhone XS Max. The main difference is in the iPhone XS Max Open, which takes place without a loan. The model is designed for those who prefer open-air use of the gadget. In our rating, we have selected for you 3 best options for the iPhone XS.iPhone XS Max opens up new possibilities for the smartphone. The main new feature is the maximum number of apps. You can install any number of applications, but you can't install more than one.The advantage of the iPhone XS Max is: a) Open the maximum number of apps without a loan. b) The phone is unlocked using facial recognition technology. c) the developer has built in a special button and a button with touch sensitivity. iPhone XS Max is a great option if the primary use of the device is for making calls and viewing the weather. But for those who prefer to use it for accessing the Internet, you can take a closer look at this device.The price of the new iPhone XS Max is on average 25,000$. For comparison, consider the prices of smartphones from other manufacturers:Samsung Galaxy A51 - 24,990$ (8/128 GB) - Samsung Galaxy A51 128 GB - 24,990$ (8/256 GB) - Samsung Galaxy A51 256 GB - 24,990$ (8/512 GB)For a more complete list of products of this smartphone model, click on the icon of the same name "View" on widgets in the article.